Online submission

Submitting an AQP qualification questionnaire for the first time can seem quite daunting.

However, the help provided by Supply2Health in terms of its animated videos and pdf downloads is really good and easy to understand. We would highly recommend, therefore, that before starting any application you take spend some time going through all the animated videos and pdfs which will help you familiarise yourself with what information is needed and what questions need to be answered.

You will also find lots of useful information in our own AQP Manual, “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. If you are an Essex GP Practice and would like your free copy of the AQP Manual please call us now on 01245 383430 or email

A third party opinion can help

In our experience, it is ‘Section 5: Service Delivery‘, that often causes people the most headaches. We would highly recommend that you let a third party have a look at what you’d like to submit for Section 5 to see if they can make any suggestions for improvements. It is often that external, unbiased view on your application that will really make the difference to your submission.

Here at AQP Expert you can submit a dummy AQP Section 5 for review and comment by our panel of highly experienced experts. All you need to do is to type your answers into the text boxes and press ‘Send form to AQP Experts’ at the end of the form. Your submission goes directly to us here at AQP Expert. Our panel of experts will then review your answers and see if they can be improved in any way. Our aim is simple: to help you submit a better AQP application.

Remember, throughout your application you need to ‘sell’ yourself to the commissioners. One thing is for sure, your competition will be doing just that so you must do it too. It’s a competitive market out there!

Ready? Here is the form…