AQP in Essex

June 2013: The latest on AQP in Essex:

Enquiries have been made of all seven CCGs in Essex to ascertain the extent to which AQP schemes have been implemented in the current year and those that are planned for 2013/14.

South Essex

Unfortunately it has not proved possible to establish the position in any of the CCGs in the South of the county. Practices in South Essex who would like further information about the implementation of AQP in their area are advised to contact their respective CCG.

Mid Essex

There were no services commissioned in 2012/13 using the AQP route. There are four Community Ultrasound services that are awaiting a management decision that could result in decommissioning or the use of AQP in 2013/14.

North Essex

The following services were commissioned using AQP process in 2012/13: Glaucoma Referral Refinement, Musculoskeletal (neck and back pain), Direct Access Ultrasound.

Children’s Continuing Care – whole Essex. The CCG is currently in the process of compiling its contestability plan for 2013/14 which will provide more details about services to be commissioned and the processes to be used.

West Essex

No services were commissioned in 2012/13 using the AQP route. The use of AQP is more likely in 2013/14 as part of the CCG’s CRS procurement which is a composite of a clinical referral triage service and a number of Tier Two GPSI services. The CCG also intends to consider alternate commissioning routes for existing Local Enhanced Services.

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