About us

AQPExpert.co.uk has been developed as a joint project between:

Team members from these organisations have worked closely together over many years delivering support, guidance and programmes of development to Essex GP Practices. This website has been developed in response to the many requests for help and guidance with AQP applications over the last six months.

North and South Essex LMCs provides personal and professional support to individual GPs, represents GPs and their interests in all relevant political/managerial settings and perform the functions of an employers’ association on matters relating to primary care staff. The work of the Committee increasingly involves closer collaboration with all other health organisations and it is our belief that genuine advancement for GPs will inevitably lead to benefits to patients. For more information about North and South Essex LMCs please email info@essexlmc.org.uk or telephone 01254 383430.

Supporting Health (Essex) Limited (SHEL) provides short-term general/personal medical services (GP services) to patients of practices that are out of contract. Their aim is to maintain and support the patient list, provide leadership to the staff and sustain and improve the practice. For more information about Supporting Health (Essex) Limited (SHEL) please email mail@supportinghealth.co.uk or telephone 01245 383438.

Open Junction is a multi-disciplinary, flexible and highly focused organisation working with a diverse portfolio of clients throughout the UK. Our clients range from multi-national conglomerates, Local Authorities, Foundation Trusts and professional associations through to SMEs, Clinical Commissioning Groups and GP Practices. One of our key specialisms is providing hands-on, practical support and guidance to GP Practices that wish to develop GP Federations and Provider Companies to deliver services. For more information about Open Junction please email heather@openjunction.co.uk or telephone 020 7887 2992.